I want to talk about how I learned to manage my PTSD. I want to tell you about my story of living with PTSD. In my journey to try to understand what I was going through, I didn’t find much on the internet in regards to people’s real life  experiences. Through much googling all I was ever able to find was a serious of symptoms: irritability, hostility, hyper vigilance, social isolation, severe anxiety,  mistrust, insomnia etc. etc. etc.

Those were all my symptoms, but what was my trigger? How did I get here?

Each article always had a list of “helpful tips” to aid in recovery but they all seemed overwhelming, impersonal, and non-applicable. It would’ve helped having an explanation, a light of sorts to shine on the parts of my life that had brought to me this point. It would’ve helped knowing that there were others going through something similar in their lives.

Instead I poked around in the dark for some 3 odd years trying to figure it all out. To this day I still struggle with invasive memories and feelings, but I feel I have made it through the tunnel. I feel like I understand myself better now and am ready to talk about my story and how I found a way to manage my trauma.